Session 10

Fought and defeated stag lord in epic fashion. Snuck into his chamber from the back and defeated the staggy lord by greasing him up and kicking him onto the ground.

Loot was distributed. Many cool things were gotten. Multiple magical items, including the stag lords helm (bonus to ranged attack 1x per day, 2 to perception) a magical composite longbow (2 strength), some masterwork armors and weapons, a +1 rapier, and a +1 longsword, some potions and shit. While loot was being counted and distributed, our fearless “leader” Moxwell decided to go off to the basement to explore. This was a bad idea. He was beset upon by a ravenous wolverine! A swarm of spiders appeared, and a large ant attacked him from behind. In the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar “It’s a trap!”.

Moxwell was in trouble, and he used his ghost sound to mimic a group of men yelling “I am down here!” Excited at the prospect of a group of men in the basement, Sterk Co. Markatco jumped up and headed down the stairs. The rest of the group followed. Turns out there was an evil druid shacking up in the basement, and he was very angry about the invasion of his basement home. After a quick battle he was dispatched, and the party was relieved that they weren’t dead because they hadn’t had a chance to rest between large battles.



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