Session 11

Having defeated the stag lord and cleared out the castle of its inhabitants, the RoM decided to follow the wishes of Nettles, the water guy and place the body of the stag lord in the river. Having his wish granted, Nettles gave the group the gift a weird magical pole arm and some crappy armor. Starloco Marcoco, saddened by the murder of his new basement dwelling druid boyfriend, decided to leave the Revolutionaries of Murica and head to Restov. He was to tell the lords of the land of the deeds of the RoM, and regale the men with stories of our bravery.

As a sign of their gratitude, these “Lords of the Land” allowed the humble group of adventurers to found their kingdom. It was time for the adventurers to figure out what roles they would take up in this new-born country.

Moxwell, the most charismatic and affable in the group, would become the king. The General of the new army would by the group’s fighter, Blayze. Hal would become the kingdom’s new Grand Diplomat, using his oracular skills to help with the new kingdom’s international relations. Clayboyne would become the group’s new Marshal, and he thus began calling himself “Walker, Green Belt Ranger”. Jerenda couldn’t really decide what she wanted to be, so she took on the role of Spymaster.

Huzzah! For bringing back Falgrim Sneed back alive, Kesten granted the party 4 free masterwork weapons. Clayboyne claimed a masterwork aldori dueling sword, Jerenda claimed a masterwork scimitar, our glorious leader Moxwell wanted a small gnome hook hammer, and Blayze asked for a cold iron masterwork Kukri.

Kingdom building began, the country of Murica was founded on 11 September 2012. The Stag Lord’s former base became the new capitol city, Valor!



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