Session 12

After some posturing and huffing and puffing, a castle was built on the ruins that were the Stag Lord’s lair. Having almost forgotten about the owlbear still trapped in the castle, the new Murican lords went down to dispatch the wretched creature. They dispatched the vile creature and built a house and shop in their new capital city. The shop was for Oleg and Svetlana to hawk their goods.

Explored the surrounding area in the kingdom and happened upon some stuck gnomes. They were chased by kobolds and their wagon was stuck in the mud trying to cross the river. The ponies moving the cart were very shaken by this kobold attack and had to be calmed by Moxwell before getting them unstuck. To say thanks, the gnomes gave the party ‘tude and food. The gnomes also let the party see their map, showing the Murican leaders that there was a haunted tower, some river crossings, and a lizard man camp.

After some more ‘sploring, the Murican envoy happened upon a dispute between some fey creatures “Nixies” and some Lumberjack looking fellas. Their leader, Corax, said that their ‘jacking crew happened upon these beautiful coachwood trees and began chopping them down. After a bit of ‘jacking the trees, the Nixies attacked. Interestingly enough, it looked like 2 of the lumberjacks were on the side of the Fey. Remembering that there was a thicket of coachwood trees near where they faced the Taetzelwyrms, the Murican envoy directed the lumberjacks to the less Nixie infested woods.

2 of the ‘jackers were under a spell of the Nixie’s design. To free these 2 Nixie-slaves,the party promised to help the Nixies replace the fallen trees with “feather token” trees. (Magic items making a tree appear). The Nixie told the Muricans that they might find some tree tokens if they talk to a local dryad who might help.

It was a short Trek to the Dryad’s tree, and the Muricans sighed knowing that this type of wild goose quest was definitely one of the burdens of forging a new nation. The dryad said that she could help give the party the tokens they seeked if they could destroy a Scythe-tree to the south. This carnivorous plant was destroying the local flora and fauna, and needed a bit of pruning.

After some searching, the party happened upon a small clearing with a gnarly blackened tree. After moving in, the branches lashed out at the adventurers, doing damage. Angered by this, blayze yelled “I hate trees!” and crashed into the tree slashing wildly. Halungalum utlized his burning hands ability to wound the tree, while Moxwell provided necessary healing. Clayboyne too joined in the the slashing. After a long and arduous battle, the tree was felled, and revealed a cache of treasure under its roots.

There were various magical items and a necromatic magical robe known as the “Robe of Bones”. Loot was parceled out, and the party headed back to the dryad with the good news. The dryad was pleased with the developments, and promised to help keep watch over the area. After recieving the feather tokens, the party returned to the ticked off nixie. After handing over 5 of the 6 tokens, the Nixie too promised to look after part of the forest. She would guard the areas around the river and keep and eye out for fishy developments.



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