Session 3

The party continued on with their exploration of the Green belt. After a few days exploration, RoM found a thicket of radishes. Before they could even pick one vegetable a band of kobolds attacked…. and were quickly dispatched. The bard danced his way around the radishes, picking them willy nilly, filling a basketful. The Ranger remarked “at least he is good at something”.

After more exploration, the group happened upon a wagon, and a loud boom echoed through the forest. The Bard was instantly deafened by the noise, and the rest of the party was on alert. Arrows whizzed through the air… it was a bandit ambush. An exciting melee occurred, the bard actually fought well, and the ranger coldly picked off all of the foes in the tree forts one by one. The tiger chuffed and huffed around, unsettling many bandits.

The bandit leader was a stout lady dual wielding hand axes. She was very tough, but after a long fought battle, she fell to the fighter and bard’s melee advances.

After the combat, a thorough search of the camp found many supplies, but none of the items (such as the ring for svetlana) people were looking for were found. This must have just been a small camp.



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