Session 4

The bard, Staccatto Narcotics, or whatever, attempted to put on a show of sleight of hand and bluffing for the residents of Oleg’s tradin’ post. He failed miserably. After that shameful display, and an exchange of goods, the part headed back out into the wilderness of the green belt.

During one evening, the party was attacked by a very large wolf. It turns out this was a warg, as it responded in common to the Gnome’s cries of “Go Away!”. The ranger was on watch, and was pounced on by surprise. He took a lot of damage, and fell unconsious after one more attack from the wolf’s claws. After a few rounds of combat, the creature fled.

After another day’s travel, the party found the tree that they had seen in a treasure map, after some digging by hand. (They once again forgot to buy a shovel) They found a cache/cash of goods including a silver ring (svetlana’s wedding ring perhaps?), a book with magical properties, a wand, and a heavy leather cloak. With these new items, the party set forth.

The next day, the RoM found a shitty looking river, where they met an undead chap. He was dead and stuff. It was really gross, so naturally the bard struck up a quick friendship with the beast. After a brief conversation, it was clear he wanted us to bring him the stag lord also. The party had killed plenty of bandits that were carrying a stag token of some sort. The bard explained that the undead chap said to follow the river to its source to find the “Stag Party”

The party continued on down the river, and stumbled upon a cave with various littered bones. After a quick investigation, it was decided that a very nasty boar lived there. Clayboyne used his level 1 Ranger skills to create an amazing trap. The trap was a masterwork dagger tied to a rope, that was hung around boar-eye level. It was hoped that the boar would accidentally charge into this hanging dagger.



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