Session 5

After a stop off at Oleg’s post to resupply, the party continued on exploring all areas of the green belt. One morning during this exploration, the party was beset upon by angry “hyenas”. After the short battle, the party identified the creatures as thylicine, or Tazmanian tigers.

After that battle, the party headed on to the shrine that housed that giant bear they heard of. After a quick animal-bane arrow-less battle, the party saw the bear slowly transform into an old man, and then crumble into dust. The bear-man was a man who sacrificed a man, and the angry god turned him into a bear as punishment.

Continuing their exploration in the green belt, the party happened upon a group of very large toads in a pond. There was no magic to be detected, so Moxwell used his gnome ability to speak with the animals. They were unremarkable, the party wondered why they even existed. It was decided to march on and find the tatzlwyrms to secure a mostly undamaged head for Oleg. The group approached the gnarlmarsh, finding a statue of erastil.

After some travels they found a unicorn lying in a pool of filthy water, with its horn broken off. Unicorn-murder! Fearing retribution, the party left it alone.

The tatzlwyrms were in a marshy tangle of islets in the middle of the river. The river was dammed up with all of the dead victims of the Tatzylwyrm menace. After a quick entangle-ridden combat, the party had felled the twin wyrms. In their small cache, there was +1 scale mail, a cold iron longsword (masterwork), some bits of gold and silver, a jade statuette of a nude monk, a silver ring, a pewter stein, and 2 heads of the wyrms that were just killed to turn into Oleg for the bounty! Off to Olegs!



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