Session 6

RoM happened upon 2 ruined buildings on their travels back to oleg’s tradin’ post. Blaze discerned that the buildings were some sort of mud farm long abandoned. The buildings were made of stone, but were in poor repair. After a lengthy discussion about who should lead the party into the destroyed farm, Blaze took charge with the ranger covering the rear with his bow.

While approaching the buildings 2 creatures emerged from the house. One of the creatures looked like a toad walking on 2 legs. The 2nd creature looked like the pet of the first creature, some sort of toad creature with walrus tusks. The druid identified the creature standing on 2 legs as a boggard. The boggard called out that he wanted a truce, and that we should leave his farm. He continues to shout “Me boggard, you go!”

The party decided not to further bother the boggard farmer, as he seemed like he was not a threat. Moxwell noted that this creature might make an excellent minister of defense. He was very persuasive and might ward off future enemies of the realm.

Continuing on through the green belt, the party happened upon a cave with some kobolds “seemed riled up in the area about something”. The party approached the cave entrance and were greeted by a common-speaking kobold. He said that their statue was stolen by mites, and that is what was causing all of the commotion. He lead the group past a captive mite that was sobbing uncontrollably. The mite was being kept as a warning to the others. The kobold led the RoM into the cave to speak to their leader.

The leader explained their situation, and agreed that if the statue was returned, the kobolds would stop being so darn riled up. The group also met up with the shaman, Tartuk, who brought them the idol. He seemed a bit shady and it is quite possible he is playing both sides. Unable to figure out his true motives, the party decided to head off to the mite tree they found. Searching around the tree they found a tunnel heading under the tree. The RoM ventured into the lair of the mites and dispatched the little creatures with extreme prejudice. Marcato Starkcapto was happy to dance and kill. Blaze had his cold iron longsword ready to kill the fey beasts, but he was having trouble swinging at the small creatures. Clayboyne had trouble shooting his longbow in the small corridors, eventually getting fed up and attacking the creatures with his sword. Jerenda’s tiger zeroed in on the hairy hole found in the caverns. There were eggs and other terribly gross shit in there. Yuck. Naturally Mercarto Starlotto was attracted to this stuff, and became more enraptured when the druid figured out these were centipede eggs.

Jerenda assumed that these eggs were where all of the centipedes he has been summoning when he casts his favorite spell “Summon Nature’s Ally : Centipede”, were coming from. After a gross and altogether creepy fight with the centipedes, the group continued on through the caverns and found a “treasure room” full of mites and various bits of garbage that they have scavenged. The mites in the room fled down a Hairy Hole™ and the heroes took chase.



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