Session 7

After a short chase, the RoM attacked the mites and their giant tick brother. A grease filled close quarters combat ensued. The oracle and bard paired together a ghost sound and silent image to create a “sausage fest” behind the enemies. This worked for a while, but the enemies saw through the ruse and sicced the tick on the fighter Blayzyze. This did not go well for the fighter. He took strength damage and that was not good. The battle ensued and after a few more rounds of inept combat, the group felled the foes.

In a search of the room, the ranger spied a map that looked like some sort of battle plan. It showed the mite nest and the kobold cave with a big X over it. There was also the small jade statue that the group was looking for as well as the bag of gold. After a thorough search of the thoroughly treasure-less caves, the party decided to head back to the cave of the kobolds.

After a night’s rest, the party happened upon a small gnome riding a horse. He introduced himself as Halungalom Quesinberry, or “Hal” for short. He called himself a “cook”. This was good, as the group was sick of eating conjured goodberries. He also mentioned that he could do a little magic and offered a demonstration. The Ranger mentioned that he would like to see that demonstration. Hal promptly colorsprayed Clayboyne, knocking him unconscious for 32 seconds, blinding him for a few more. Clayboyne did not appreciate this demonstration.

After making it to the cave o’ kobolds, blayze said “Take us to your leader” and the group headed off to meet Sootscale. The party presented the statue to the kobold leader, who promptly smashed the statue on the ground. “Free at last, free at last… I thank god I am free at last… from that curse”. The MLKoblod then said that that shaman was a bad dude, and if we were bad enough dudes, we should take him out.

The time to attack the usurper was at hand! The Ranger and Fighter successfully performed the pincer maneuver. The bard told a raucous fart joke, causing the shaman to laugh hideously and fall on the ground. Clayboyne and Blaze leaped on the opportunity and really tore him a new one. TEAMWORK! The Shaman had a wand of indeterminate spells and some bracers of +1 armor. There was also his masterwork sickle (cold iron) and a pamphlet written in undercommon. Clayboyne surmised that the pamphlet was entitled “How to not become prone when cornered by 2 melee attackers”. He obviously had not read the ending. There were also sacks and sacks of gold and loot.



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