Session 8

Turns out there were some magical crossbow bolts and a wand of 20 charges of 3rd level magic missiles. After counting their loot, the party headed off to continue exploring. After exploring a bit, the RoM found a thicket of bushes with some berries they suspected were the fangberries they were tasked in finding. The thicket was covered in spiderwebs. The druid decided to ward himself from animals, and snuck in to “poke around in the bushes”.

Mako starkato was definitely not interested in the bush. The druid returned from the thicket with 2 of the 7 berries they needed. This would not do. The party braced themselves for spider-geddon, and headed forward. Those fangberries won’t pick themselves. The party was attacked by a 2 large swarms of spiders. After a frantic battle filled with fire and acid flasks, the party had slain the diminutive beasts. The druid collected the rest of the needed fangberries, and the group continued their exploration.

The next day, the group happened upon a pit, and the druid peered over the edge. The earth was soft around the edges, which caused the druid to fall in the pit. An angry thylacine attacked the druid, and combat began. The bard also slipped into the pit, knowing that the earth was soft around the edges. (CONTENT NOT SAVED) It was a thylicine, and he was defeated probably all from the help of the ranger. Returned to Oleg’s post and turned in Svetlana’s ring. Did not turn in fangberries, and decided to find the Stag lord and show him the glint off of our blades.



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