Session 9

The group followed the river to the edge of the green belt, where the lair of the stag lord was located (according to that rambling scary man creature). The keen eyes of blade and clayboyne spotted some guards watching over the wooden palisades on the outskirts of the bandit lair. The plan was laid to have the bard (Marco starko) dress up as a bandit, and the fighter (Blayze) would pose as his bodyguard. Meanwhile, the ranger would sneak up the boulder laden path to the side.

The plan went in to action and failed miserably on both fronts. At the top of the boulder laden path, the ranger was beset upon by 4 zombies that exploded out of the ground. This was very disconcerting, and after a tense battle that the guards on the palisade noticed, and laughed about… the zombies were felled. The guards yelled down if we were going to leave or not, and the ranger replied with an arrow from his longbow. This gesture was not taken very well, and the guards fired back, hitting the ranger. This meant retreat for the ranger and druid, who ran back to the forest’s edge.

Maccalo Starolo went to the front gate, with Blayze as his silent partner. They were both decked out in bandit gear and badges. Behind them trailed Hal and Moxwell as their ‘prisoners’. Upon reaching the gate, M to the S said that he had some “victims” for them, and wanted into the fort. The guard seemed a bit skeptical, and asked for a password. After some fumbling, the faux-bandits retreated back to the forest edge to re-group.

RoM decided to wait by the road for some bandits to leave the castle, where they could ambush them and fleece them for information. The plan went off without a hitch, and the 3 bandits that they caught were separated for questioning. Clayboyne, Blayze, and S&M went to question the separated ne’er-do-wells. After some arrow-assisted questioning Clayboyne got his bandit to spill the password. S&M was able to reason with the bandit to get the password. Blayze was not so lucky, his tough bandit captive would not spill the beans (even with some sorceror assisted acid splash waterboarding). Both of the talking bandits spilled the that the password was “By the bloody bones of St. Gilmore, who wants to know?”.

The bandits were brought together for one final questioning. The RoM offered to allow the bandits to live if they told them anything that might assist them in defeating the Stag Lord. Two of the bandits that talked earlier gave up information that there was a secret back entrance to the fort. With this information, the party moved towards the fort, leaving the bandits tied up, promising to release them on their safe return.

The RoM approached the fort at dusk, and indeed there was a secret trap door where the bandits had mentioned. The party entered the back entrance (something they are good at) and proceeded into the bowels of the fort.



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