Session 2

Party returned to Oleg’s trading post to find a new visitor. A gnome called Felwand Stargazer. Wearing the typical traveler’s garb, this purple-haired little adventurer was also looking for treasure and adventure in the green belt. Felwand was trailed by a domestic cat named “Eltor”. Felwand introduced himself of an expert of the arcane arts, and was quickly folded in as one of the group, which has named itself the Revolutionaries of Murica, aka RoM. The RoM continued its glorious path of exploration in the surrounding areas of Oleg’s trading post.

While exploring the surrounding area, the Ranger spotted a stone cairn surrounded by delicious delicious black berries. The Ranger suggested digging up the body that surely was underneath the pile of stones. The rest of the party seemed leery of this grave-robbing and Clayboyne had to do the dirty deed himself. While the rest of the party watched, Clayboyne dug out the corpse using a gnome-sized shovel. After a quick search of the body, Clayboyne found a ring on the finger of the positively dead barbarian. Quickly slipping on the ring, Clayboyne had it identified as a ring of swimming (+4 to swim checks), the ring was adorned with a snake chasing a frog. This item was given to the druid, who had crappy checks.

The group dispatched another group of bandits, and before killing them, gleaned this information: There is a… everything I say?…um… alright yeah, they told you back when this happened 2 weeks ago they told you that the camp they came from, umm.. yeah they tell you that it.. umm.. is kinda in the forest, and that it is uh, that the crossing of the thorn river. Sorry, I forgot the map shifted, lemme just point out on the map the location he describes to you.

After some more exploration, the Dervish bard stepped in a bear trap, and greased himself up to escape, and yes, it was as gross as that sounds.

The party then returned to Oleg’s and requested that he order some warhorses. The party also unloaded the bevy of clothes they collected off of many dead bandits for much profit.

Session 1

The party met up together and headed to Oleg’s trading post. They were tasked with killing the bandits that terrorized them in the past. The party ambushed the bandits when they came to rob the place, and quickly dispatched them. Treasure was collected, and the Ranger got a Composite Longbow (+2). Oleg thanked the group and bought items from the group at cost, netting the party ~200 gold. Collecting the horses that the bandits rode in on, the party left off to explore the “green belt”.

Kesten Garess
Found close to Oleg’s area. Sent to take care of Oleg’s post. Said that Falgrim Sneeg robbed some people and fled into the green belt. Falgrim guy, bring him back alive, 4 cool weapons.

The group continued to explore, found a camp of random dudes, and knocked them out, tied em up and brought them back to the trading post.

Bokken – Potion Guy found in search, he is the “Best potion guy in all the universe”

Bring him potion ingredients – Fangberry, (Southwest of Olegs)

Jod Kavken
Lost temples n shit in the stolen lands, everywhere. Will provide spellcasting for free.

Fought a spider, in its spider-hole found a dead man Had a scrap of paper with a gnarled tree drawn on it, with a red x marked at the base of the tree.

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