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Session 1

The party met up together and headed to Oleg’s trading post. They were tasked with killing the bandits that terrorized them in the past. The party ambushed the bandits when they came to rob the place, and quickly dispatched them. Treasure was collected, and the Ranger got a Composite Longbow (+2). Oleg thanked the group and bought items from the group at cost, netting the party ~200 gold. Collecting the horses that the bandits rode in on, the party left off to explore the “green belt”.

Kesten Garess
Found close to Oleg’s area. Sent to take care of Oleg’s post. Said that Falgrim Sneeg robbed some people and fled into the green belt. Falgrim guy, bring him back alive, 4 cool weapons.

The group continued to explore, found a camp of random dudes, and knocked them out, tied em up and brought them back to the trading post.

Bokken – Potion Guy found in search, he is the “Best potion guy in all the universe”

Bring him potion ingredients – Fangberry, (Southwest of Olegs)

Jod Kavken
Lost temples n shit in the stolen lands, everywhere. Will provide spellcasting for free.

Fought a spider, in its spider-hole found a dead man Had a scrap of paper with a gnarled tree drawn on it, with a red x marked at the base of the tree.

Session 2

Party returned to Oleg’s trading post to find a new visitor. A gnome called Felwand Stargazer. Wearing the typical traveler’s garb, this purple-haired little adventurer was also looking for treasure and adventure in the green belt. Felwand was trailed by a domestic cat named “Eltor”. Felwand introduced himself of an expert of the arcane arts, and was quickly folded in as one of the group, which has named itself the Revolutionaries of Murica, aka RoM. The RoM continued its glorious path of exploration in the surrounding areas of Oleg’s trading post.

While exploring the surrounding area, the Ranger spotted a stone cairn surrounded by delicious delicious black berries. The Ranger suggested digging up the body that surely was underneath the pile of stones. The rest of the party seemed leery of this grave-robbing and Clayboyne had to do the dirty deed himself. While the rest of the party watched, Clayboyne dug out the corpse using a gnome-sized shovel. After a quick search of the body, Clayboyne found a ring on the finger of the positively dead barbarian. Quickly slipping on the ring, Clayboyne had it identified as a ring of swimming (+4 to swim checks), the ring was adorned with a snake chasing a frog. This item was given to the druid, who had crappy checks.

The group dispatched another group of bandits, and before killing them, gleaned this information: There is a… everything I say?…um… alright yeah, they told you back when this happened 2 weeks ago they told you that the camp they came from, umm.. yeah they tell you that it.. umm.. is kinda in the forest, and that it is uh, that the crossing of the thorn river. Sorry, I forgot the map shifted, lemme just point out on the map the location he describes to you.

After some more exploration, the Dervish bard stepped in a bear trap, and greased himself up to escape, and yes, it was as gross as that sounds.

The party then returned to Oleg’s and requested that he order some warhorses. The party also unloaded the bevy of clothes they collected off of many dead bandits for much profit.

Session 3

The party continued on with their exploration of the Green belt. After a few days exploration, RoM found a thicket of radishes. Before they could even pick one vegetable a band of kobolds attacked…. and were quickly dispatched. The bard danced his way around the radishes, picking them willy nilly, filling a basketful. The Ranger remarked “at least he is good at something”.

After more exploration, the group happened upon a wagon, and a loud boom echoed through the forest. The Bard was instantly deafened by the noise, and the rest of the party was on alert. Arrows whizzed through the air… it was a bandit ambush. An exciting melee occurred, the bard actually fought well, and the ranger coldly picked off all of the foes in the tree forts one by one. The tiger chuffed and huffed around, unsettling many bandits.

The bandit leader was a stout lady dual wielding hand axes. She was very tough, but after a long fought battle, she fell to the fighter and bard’s melee advances.

After the combat, a thorough search of the camp found many supplies, but none of the items (such as the ring for svetlana) people were looking for were found. This must have just been a small camp.

Session 4

The bard, Staccatto Narcotics, or whatever, attempted to put on a show of sleight of hand and bluffing for the residents of Oleg’s tradin’ post. He failed miserably. After that shameful display, and an exchange of goods, the part headed back out into the wilderness of the green belt.

During one evening, the party was attacked by a very large wolf. It turns out this was a warg, as it responded in common to the Gnome’s cries of “Go Away!”. The ranger was on watch, and was pounced on by surprise. He took a lot of damage, and fell unconsious after one more attack from the wolf’s claws. After a few rounds of combat, the creature fled.

After another day’s travel, the party found the tree that they had seen in a treasure map, after some digging by hand. (They once again forgot to buy a shovel) They found a cache/cash of goods including a silver ring (svetlana’s wedding ring perhaps?), a book with magical properties, a wand, and a heavy leather cloak. With these new items, the party set forth.

The next day, the RoM found a shitty looking river, where they met an undead chap. He was dead and stuff. It was really gross, so naturally the bard struck up a quick friendship with the beast. After a brief conversation, it was clear he wanted us to bring him the stag lord also. The party had killed plenty of bandits that were carrying a stag token of some sort. The bard explained that the undead chap said to follow the river to its source to find the “Stag Party”

The party continued on down the river, and stumbled upon a cave with various littered bones. After a quick investigation, it was decided that a very nasty boar lived there. Clayboyne used his level 1 Ranger skills to create an amazing trap. The trap was a masterwork dagger tied to a rope, that was hung around boar-eye level. It was hoped that the boar would accidentally charge into this hanging dagger.

Session 5

After a stop off at Oleg’s post to resupply, the party continued on exploring all areas of the green belt. One morning during this exploration, the party was beset upon by angry “hyenas”. After the short battle, the party identified the creatures as thylicine, or Tazmanian tigers.

After that battle, the party headed on to the shrine that housed that giant bear they heard of. After a quick animal-bane arrow-less battle, the party saw the bear slowly transform into an old man, and then crumble into dust. The bear-man was a man who sacrificed a man, and the angry god turned him into a bear as punishment.

Continuing their exploration in the green belt, the party happened upon a group of very large toads in a pond. There was no magic to be detected, so Moxwell used his gnome ability to speak with the animals. They were unremarkable, the party wondered why they even existed. It was decided to march on and find the tatzlwyrms to secure a mostly undamaged head for Oleg. The group approached the gnarlmarsh, finding a statue of erastil.

After some travels they found a unicorn lying in a pool of filthy water, with its horn broken off. Unicorn-murder! Fearing retribution, the party left it alone.

The tatzlwyrms were in a marshy tangle of islets in the middle of the river. The river was dammed up with all of the dead victims of the Tatzylwyrm menace. After a quick entangle-ridden combat, the party had felled the twin wyrms. In their small cache, there was +1 scale mail, a cold iron longsword (masterwork), some bits of gold and silver, a jade statuette of a nude monk, a silver ring, a pewter stein, and 2 heads of the wyrms that were just killed to turn into Oleg for the bounty! Off to Olegs!

Session 6

RoM happened upon 2 ruined buildings on their travels back to oleg’s tradin’ post. Blaze discerned that the buildings were some sort of mud farm long abandoned. The buildings were made of stone, but were in poor repair. After a lengthy discussion about who should lead the party into the destroyed farm, Blaze took charge with the ranger covering the rear with his bow.

While approaching the buildings 2 creatures emerged from the house. One of the creatures looked like a toad walking on 2 legs. The 2nd creature looked like the pet of the first creature, some sort of toad creature with walrus tusks. The druid identified the creature standing on 2 legs as a boggard. The boggard called out that he wanted a truce, and that we should leave his farm. He continues to shout “Me boggard, you go!”

The party decided not to further bother the boggard farmer, as he seemed like he was not a threat. Moxwell noted that this creature might make an excellent minister of defense. He was very persuasive and might ward off future enemies of the realm.

Continuing on through the green belt, the party happened upon a cave with some kobolds “seemed riled up in the area about something”. The party approached the cave entrance and were greeted by a common-speaking kobold. He said that their statue was stolen by mites, and that is what was causing all of the commotion. He lead the group past a captive mite that was sobbing uncontrollably. The mite was being kept as a warning to the others. The kobold led the RoM into the cave to speak to their leader.

The leader explained their situation, and agreed that if the statue was returned, the kobolds would stop being so darn riled up. The group also met up with the shaman, Tartuk, who brought them the idol. He seemed a bit shady and it is quite possible he is playing both sides. Unable to figure out his true motives, the party decided to head off to the mite tree they found. Searching around the tree they found a tunnel heading under the tree. The RoM ventured into the lair of the mites and dispatched the little creatures with extreme prejudice. Marcato Starkcapto was happy to dance and kill. Blaze had his cold iron longsword ready to kill the fey beasts, but he was having trouble swinging at the small creatures. Clayboyne had trouble shooting his longbow in the small corridors, eventually getting fed up and attacking the creatures with his sword. Jerenda’s tiger zeroed in on the hairy hole found in the caverns. There were eggs and other terribly gross shit in there. Yuck. Naturally Mercarto Starlotto was attracted to this stuff, and became more enraptured when the druid figured out these were centipede eggs.

Jerenda assumed that these eggs were where all of the centipedes he has been summoning when he casts his favorite spell “Summon Nature’s Ally : Centipede”, were coming from. After a gross and altogether creepy fight with the centipedes, the group continued on through the caverns and found a “treasure room” full of mites and various bits of garbage that they have scavenged. The mites in the room fled down a Hairy Hole™ and the heroes took chase.

Session 7

After a short chase, the RoM attacked the mites and their giant tick brother. A grease filled close quarters combat ensued. The oracle and bard paired together a ghost sound and silent image to create a “sausage fest” behind the enemies. This worked for a while, but the enemies saw through the ruse and sicced the tick on the fighter Blayzyze. This did not go well for the fighter. He took strength damage and that was not good. The battle ensued and after a few more rounds of inept combat, the group felled the foes.

In a search of the room, the ranger spied a map that looked like some sort of battle plan. It showed the mite nest and the kobold cave with a big X over it. There was also the small jade statue that the group was looking for as well as the bag of gold. After a thorough search of the thoroughly treasure-less caves, the party decided to head back to the cave of the kobolds.

After a night’s rest, the party happened upon a small gnome riding a horse. He introduced himself as Halungalom Quesinberry, or “Hal” for short. He called himself a “cook”. This was good, as the group was sick of eating conjured goodberries. He also mentioned that he could do a little magic and offered a demonstration. The Ranger mentioned that he would like to see that demonstration. Hal promptly colorsprayed Clayboyne, knocking him unconscious for 32 seconds, blinding him for a few more. Clayboyne did not appreciate this demonstration.

After making it to the cave o’ kobolds, blayze said “Take us to your leader” and the group headed off to meet Sootscale. The party presented the statue to the kobold leader, who promptly smashed the statue on the ground. “Free at last, free at last… I thank god I am free at last… from that curse”. The MLKoblod then said that that shaman was a bad dude, and if we were bad enough dudes, we should take him out.

The time to attack the usurper was at hand! The Ranger and Fighter successfully performed the pincer maneuver. The bard told a raucous fart joke, causing the shaman to laugh hideously and fall on the ground. Clayboyne and Blaze leaped on the opportunity and really tore him a new one. TEAMWORK! The Shaman had a wand of indeterminate spells and some bracers of +1 armor. There was also his masterwork sickle (cold iron) and a pamphlet written in undercommon. Clayboyne surmised that the pamphlet was entitled “How to not become prone when cornered by 2 melee attackers”. He obviously had not read the ending. There were also sacks and sacks of gold and loot.

Session 8

Turns out there were some magical crossbow bolts and a wand of 20 charges of 3rd level magic missiles. After counting their loot, the party headed off to continue exploring. After exploring a bit, the RoM found a thicket of bushes with some berries they suspected were the fangberries they were tasked in finding. The thicket was covered in spiderwebs. The druid decided to ward himself from animals, and snuck in to “poke around in the bushes”.

Mako starkato was definitely not interested in the bush. The druid returned from the thicket with 2 of the 7 berries they needed. This would not do. The party braced themselves for spider-geddon, and headed forward. Those fangberries won’t pick themselves. The party was attacked by a 2 large swarms of spiders. After a frantic battle filled with fire and acid flasks, the party had slain the diminutive beasts. The druid collected the rest of the needed fangberries, and the group continued their exploration.

The next day, the group happened upon a pit, and the druid peered over the edge. The earth was soft around the edges, which caused the druid to fall in the pit. An angry thylacine attacked the druid, and combat began. The bard also slipped into the pit, knowing that the earth was soft around the edges. (CONTENT NOT SAVED) It was a thylicine, and he was defeated probably all from the help of the ranger. Returned to Oleg’s post and turned in Svetlana’s ring. Did not turn in fangberries, and decided to find the Stag lord and show him the glint off of our blades.

Session 9

The group followed the river to the edge of the green belt, where the lair of the stag lord was located (according to that rambling scary man creature). The keen eyes of blade and clayboyne spotted some guards watching over the wooden palisades on the outskirts of the bandit lair. The plan was laid to have the bard (Marco starko) dress up as a bandit, and the fighter (Blayze) would pose as his bodyguard. Meanwhile, the ranger would sneak up the boulder laden path to the side.

The plan went in to action and failed miserably on both fronts. At the top of the boulder laden path, the ranger was beset upon by 4 zombies that exploded out of the ground. This was very disconcerting, and after a tense battle that the guards on the palisade noticed, and laughed about… the zombies were felled. The guards yelled down if we were going to leave or not, and the ranger replied with an arrow from his longbow. This gesture was not taken very well, and the guards fired back, hitting the ranger. This meant retreat for the ranger and druid, who ran back to the forest’s edge.

Maccalo Starolo went to the front gate, with Blayze as his silent partner. They were both decked out in bandit gear and badges. Behind them trailed Hal and Moxwell as their ‘prisoners’. Upon reaching the gate, M to the S said that he had some “victims” for them, and wanted into the fort. The guard seemed a bit skeptical, and asked for a password. After some fumbling, the faux-bandits retreated back to the forest edge to re-group.

RoM decided to wait by the road for some bandits to leave the castle, where they could ambush them and fleece them for information. The plan went off without a hitch, and the 3 bandits that they caught were separated for questioning. Clayboyne, Blayze, and S&M went to question the separated ne’er-do-wells. After some arrow-assisted questioning Clayboyne got his bandit to spill the password. S&M was able to reason with the bandit to get the password. Blayze was not so lucky, his tough bandit captive would not spill the beans (even with some sorceror assisted acid splash waterboarding). Both of the talking bandits spilled the that the password was “By the bloody bones of St. Gilmore, who wants to know?”.

The bandits were brought together for one final questioning. The RoM offered to allow the bandits to live if they told them anything that might assist them in defeating the Stag Lord. Two of the bandits that talked earlier gave up information that there was a secret back entrance to the fort. With this information, the party moved towards the fort, leaving the bandits tied up, promising to release them on their safe return.

The RoM approached the fort at dusk, and indeed there was a secret trap door where the bandits had mentioned. The party entered the back entrance (something they are good at) and proceeded into the bowels of the fort.


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