Completed Quests

Gathering Fangberries

  • Source: Bokken
  • Task: Bokken’s secret ingredient for making delicious potions is fangberry juice. He’s running low and needs some more.
  • Completion: Bring Bokken seven pounds of fangberries.
  • Reward: 25% discount on potions from Bokken for a month.

Moon Radish Soup

  • Source: Svetlana
  • Task: Svetlana want’s to prepare Oleg’s favorite dish for him (moon radish soup). Moon radishes are pretty rare.
  • Completion: Bring Svetlana a basket of moon radishes.
  • Reward: 250g

Svetlana’s Ring

  • Source: Oleg
  • Task: The first time the bandits came, they took Svetlana’s wedding ring. Those jerks!
  • Completion: Find the ring and return it to Oleg.
  • Reward: 1000g in trading post credit

Wanted: Falgrim Sneed

  • Source: Kesten Garess
  • Task: Falgrim was a Varisian mercenary who was part of a merc group Kesten worked with months ago. Falgrim robbed the group and then fled to become a bandit in the Greenbelt. Kesten wants to return him to Restov for punishment.
  • Completion: Bring Falgrim to Kesten, preferably alive.
  • Reward: If alive: 4 masterwork weapons; if dead: 2 masterwork weapons.

Temple of the Elk

  • Source: Jhod Kavken
  • Task: Find a lost temple of Erastil. It’s somewhere to the south. Jhod thinks there will be a crazy bear guarding the temple.
  • Completion: ???
  • Reward: Jhod will provide his spellcasting to the party for free. Player’s must provide any non-trivial material components.


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